Maybe it is as easy as ABC to call an agency to provide a billboard presentation, but how much does it influence on your occupation growth? Does it efficient to choose some locations in a nonscientific way? Did you ever think of a solution to go through the most appropriate group of customers with a better reach and greater impact? Let us explain!
In addition to considering empirical knowledge, we are proud of undertaking a scientific perspective in planning your objectives. Achieving your goal is a long way needs to traverse with well-known cooperatives who really want make you more profit.
We know the city like the back of our hand informed with detailed knowledge of people’s social class go across the city. According to your goal, we suggest best strategy to use outdoor advertising stuffs! Including;

In digital era, we should respect old advertising tools which still stand strong! Billboard as an outdoor big advertising structure demonstrating contents usually highway alongside, is still a perfect way of introducing, recognizing, reminding, riddling and making aware of your product & services to people used to pass all around the city.
This kind of advertising supposed to be quickly understandable, leaving people alone with a perception instantaneous developed in order to be complemented in their thoughts or next advertising plans! Something like rhetorical question ways, or puzzling strategies for an innovative solution! By this reason, companies need not only a worthwhile content but also a good infrastructure to position that content in the right place in front of their specific target group.
In Iran, the sizes of billboards differ from 10sqm to 200sqm. The monthly cost of billboards in Iran, depending on the location and size. For example, In Tehran, Moddares Hwy, Hemmat Expy, Chamran Hwy, Hakim Hwy, and Resalat Hwy are the best and popular locations which are the first priority to be chosen by brands. Here are other useful information about BBs in Iran:

  • 90 percent of BBs in Iran are front light billboards
  • Total number of 354 units distributing all over the Tehran
  • There are two types of BBs in Iran, Vertical billboards and Horizontal ones (named Standard BB)

Sizes varied: Min. 50qm and Max. 250sqm

Tehran with more than 13 million populations, is a crowded city, which it’s residents, are not it’s real residents! It means many people travel to Tehran from outside of the city each day, do their job, back to home at the evening. This fact that many people used to go into & outside the city, has been made a big area of advertising, so called Bulletins, ultra-big billboards suitable to be installed in the outside ways of big cities, with good representation, giant infrastructure, in minimum size of 60 sqm and maximum size of 250 sqm, around 60 units, ready to show your contents. Actually, Bulletins are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized outdoor media formats. Located primarily on major roads, they attract high-density consumer exposure. Tehran’s major freeways which are mapped to this kind of usage are

  • Tehran-Karaj Fwy
  • Tehran-khavaran (Imam Reza Fwy)
  • Tehran-Boomehen
  • Tehran_Qom
  • Tehran-Pardis
  • Azadegan
  • Khalij-e-Fars

No. of Bridgeboards in Tehran: 394.

Sizes varied per location: Min. 30sqm and Max. 110sqm

This type of out of home advertising is commonly a horizontal structure. Including pedestrian bridges and roadside ones which are good places for demonstrating advertisement with horizontal artworks.
Pedestrian bridges provide us a wide place, make it easier to be seen with more time in comparison to side billboards, it can cover more texts, further chance to be read and nearer distance to drivers.

Nowadays heavy traffics and constructing cross roads and highways, has been made it more interesting to bring these capacities into functionality, roadside boards like pedestrian bridge boards have nice angle of view to show people advertising contents. they are big boards, make it possible to have the both width and height big enough, with a good opportunity to be seen in a little more time.