Tehran Subway transportation with average of 3 million trips daily and 5 long lines with more than a hundred available stations has turned into the most important transportation system in Iran. Due to heavy traffics and crowded highways & streets of Tehran, it’s very helpful to use metro as the everyday transportation. Times of spending in this underground network, is a best opportunity to locate advertising contents. Nowadays people’s daily life has involved spending hours in subway, which sounds an amazing place to use for advertising.


Train & subway wrap advertising

Line 1,2,3 & 4 subway;

  • 136 * 2 Meter
  •  Total number of 200 trains
  •  Avg. 3 min stop time in each station

Line 5 trains;

  •  250 * 5 Meter
  •  Total Advertising area: 2500 sqm
  •  Uses as Mobile billboard
  •  Good coverage in two parallel expressway from Tehran to karaj
  •  45 min trip time

Train&subway Wrap Advertising

Light Boxes

Avg. size 2/02 sqm

High illuminated

Good engagement due to better contrast


Light Boxes

Station boards

Min size 3 sqm
Max size 8 sqm
High impression due to Avg. 4 min train arrival time

Station Boards

Hangers (inside wagons)

2 sided
2D & 3D execution
Creative design based on your product
Best way for recall branding


Interior Small boards (inside wagons)

Both vertical & Horizontal
100 boards in each train
Common sizes;

Interior Small Boards

Station ads include thousands of various boards, installed all over the station. Small boards usually used into the wagons and much bigger ones suited for the waiting halls, or stairs.

Subway wrap

As developing new methods of advertising, a growing number of wrap advertising is commonly used all over the world. Buses, subway, monorail and other transportation systems have high engagement with great impact.

As train wrap ads are a wide, giant, movable kind of advertisings, we call it mobile billboard. Tehran-Karaj train as the very first solution in Iran is now available by the means of our team. This special huge train connects to different cities in 53 kilometers far which is placed parallel between two important expressways.