In the information flood era with many tools of getting appeared in front of people and their minds and also severe strategies to win more market share by competitors, to recall brand is a difficult goal which needs more frequency beside the billboards.
Strawboard, another out of home advertising solution in Iran, makes it easy to be seen deeper by both walkers and drivers. Best positions in the border of sidewalks & streets are the most popular place to represent what you want shown frequently. Distinctively this structure would be considered as a local one, interacting with a smaller target group thereby more distinguishable consumption patterns.
Strawboards features in Iran:

  • Average size of 12 sqm
  • Installing in height of 2 m
  • Around 450 units in Tehran
  • Distributed all around the city
  • Billboard complementary role half of the year (based on Persian calendar) because of daylights

CLB features in Iran:

  • 6 sqm
  • Installing on the ground
  • Billboard Complementary role second half of the year (based on Persian calendar) because of short day lasting
  • Using lights and illuminated enough
  • Around 100 units
  • Distributed in 1, 2 and 3 districts