The Perception Of Youth From OOH Advertising

The perception of youth from OOH advertising

Iran Billboard ,On an average, people spend 70% of their time per day outside home. The best combination for connecting people with brands in today’s world is outdoor advertising and mobile phones. This combination of outdoor advertising and mobile phones has the power to even prompt people for a brand choice shift. Outdoor advertising is a central channel to reach mass population, since it cannot be avoided or jammed in external surroundings. The objective of this article is discussing the perception of youth on Iran OOH advertising and future trends in Iran OOH advertising

OOH advertising acts like a catalyst to all other media like TV, Radio, Magazine, Digital and Mobile advertising. Research shows that outdoor advertising is quite apt for building recall and reach. Research has also shown that Online advertising as a supporting media increases the efficiency and effectiveness of any brand message generated in all common traditional media. The combination of OOH and Mobile bridges the gap between the offline and online worlds and perfectly connect the benefits of both. OOH provides reach continuously and consistently and give brands a public profile

Based on researches nearly 93% of youth feel that OOH media has integrated with Digital, Social and TV advertising, which in turn acts like a catalyst to the other media for ad message delivery. OOH media provide an upright media mix to get a synergic effect to the brand communication

Armani Communication Network has done a focus group experiment to find out the perception of Tehran OOH advertising, especially billboards on youth. The followings resulted

Nearly 93% of the youth feel that OOH media has integrated with Digital, Social and TV advertising

Nearly 91% of the respondents feel that OOH media significantly can increase the reach and recall of the advertisement

– 58% of respondents agree that OOH media increases brand interaction, brand engagement or consumer interaction, describes the process of forming an emotional or rational attachment between a person and a brand. The variety of OOH formats and diverse positioning in the marketplace offer brands “touchpoints” to reach busy consumers everyday

Nearly 62% of the respondents feel the OOH advertising helps to recall an advertising message

– 52% agree that during covid-19 pandemic convergence of mobile and OOH media seems immensely effective to any brand.  OOH media and Digital media provides a good combination of online and off line platform, but it should be done in such a way that it creates a uniform and integrated campaign experience

After monitoring new trends, future Iran OOH trend have extracted and are
shown in the figure below

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