We do two types of media monitoring:

1.Client Monitoring Service

It is extremely important for well-known international and national companies to monitor their outdoor activities in order to know how their OOH media budget is spending during a campaign. We can help you to monitor your outdoor campaign and give you monitoring reports to be aware of the quality of your outdoor advertising executed by a media agency. Client Media Monitoring Service includes:

  • Monitoring your outdoor media campaign
  • Check out the lighting conditions of your billboards
  • Daily Reporting

2.Competitors Monitoring Service

It is extremely important for successful companies to monitor their competitors, constantly analyze commercials and reassess their market position. Often, operational and strategic decisions can only be made and  new market chances and risks identified after a thorough monitoring of the market and  competitors.

Armani Media Monitoring Service includes:

  • Individual monitoring of market segments, advertising environments and competing companies
  • Daily/weekly message services (alerts) on ad activities via e-mail
  • Data processing based on monthly/quarterly reports

Actually, Armani will give you different types of monitoring reports each month, each season, and at the end of the year, which consists of:

  • Which medium is used by your competitors? And where?
  • When did your competitors start their campaigns? For how long?
  • What is the content of your competitors’ ads?

You can use these reports to create advertising strategies for your company, to study the advertising strategies of your competitors, and to monitor what your competitors are spending on advertising.

We integrate this comprehensive ad monitoring information with other data, such as estimated advertising costs and ratings, to create seasonal and annual advertising expenditure measurement reports.

You can be provided with e-mail notification the first time a competitor’s new advertisement is started, along with an visual copy of the creative.

1. Delivery of Time

Armani will give you detail information about your lead competitors’ timing of advertising. We can track your competitors’ activities everyday to demonstrate an exact time of starting their campaigns. In a specified period, Armani will give you complete reports via various types of charts and tables in order to show:

  • In which month or season your competitors spent most of their advertising budget.
  • Which advertising time patterns were used by your lead competitors (Continuous, Flighting, or Pulsing).
  • For how long your competitors’ campaigns have been running.
  • How your lead competitors behave in the market to compare their ooh media plans.
Delivery of Time

2. Media Selection

Armani will give you detail information about your lead competitors’ media plans. We can track your competitors’ activities to report which media were used by them. Locations of chosen media will be shown by pin-map. In a specified period, Armani will give you complete reports via various types of map in order to show:

  • Which media or locations were chosen by your competitors.
  • Seasonally or monthly, in which media or locations your competitors placed their ads.
  • Which cities and districts were targeted by your competitors?
  • How much was spent by your competitors in each city?
  • How much was spent by your competitors in each OOH media?
  • the SOV of your brand or product in the market in comparison with your lead competitors.
Media Selection

3. Creative Message

Our creative monitoring services provide practical intelligence on how competitors are positioning their offers and what messages they are using in the marketplace. This informs the creative treatment and messaging for specific campaigns and general trends.

Actually, Armani can provide near real-time alerts on new creatives and campaigns along with deeper insights across your lead competitors among different types of OOH media.

This part of our service consists of:

  • The artwork of your competitors and other brands in your market
  • Content analysis of your lead competitors’ artwork:
    • They actually focus on their products or brands?
    • Which Tagline or Slogan they have used?