Planning when, where, and how the message will be delivered is a complex and involved process that is constantly evolving. The primary objective of the media plan is to develop a framework that will deliver the message to the target audience in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible—that will communicate what the product, brand, and/or service can do.

Media planning is the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to the prospective purchasers and/or users of the product or brand. Media planning is a process, which means a number of decisions are made, each of which may be altered or abandoned as the plan develops. The media plan is the guide for media selection. It requires development of specific media objectives  and specific media strategies (plans of action) designed to attain these objectives. Once the decisions have been made and the objectives and strategies formulated, this information is organized into the media plan.

Armani Media Planning

1. Situation Analysis (Market Research and Analysis)

Your Target Audience Demographic Information?

Armani considers your target audience demographic information In order to suggest the best media strategy fits into your objectives. Information such as:

  • Target Audience Life style
  • Target Audience Media Habit
  • Target Audience Social Class
  • Target Audience Working and Living regional municipality & etc.

Will reach you to your target audience with most effective and cost efficient way.

Situation Analysis

Your Company, Your Product and Marketing objectives

According to the strategic media planning process, Armani considers:

  • your Branding Strategy (Brand position, Brand Essence, …)
  • your existing market, category or brand insight
  • your Business and marketing objectives
  • your communication and media objectives

To give the right solution with maximum outcome.

Competitor Analysis

Knowledge of the competitive environment is critical to any media plan. The competitive analysis includes budgets, media selection, and timing of media delivery. The key advantageous of Armani that differentiates it from other agencies in IRAN, is our monitoring data-base. By means of this capability, Armani can easily give you the best media strategy in comparison with your lead competitors. Actually, Armani plans your media campaign by considering the competitive environment. In this way, Armani monitors the market in order to:

  • Determine the media were used by your lead competitors.
  • Determine your competitors advertising content (Slogan, tagline, art work, ad strategy, etc.)
  • Determine your lead competitors Timing of Media Delivery.
  • Determine your lead competitors target locations on a map.
  • Determine your lead competitors media budget and timing.
  • Determine your lead competitors advertising timing pattern (Pulsing, Flighting, or continuity).

2. Technical Media Planning

Armani media planning team has this capability to maximize the reach and OTS with an optimum frequency and campaign budget planning by means of measuring the media planning KPI’s. Actually, Armani measures vital numerical media metrics such as: CPT (cost per thousand Impressions)

  • Reach and Frequency per medium
  • Combined reach
  • GRP (Gross Rating Point) per medium
  • CPT (Cost per Thousand)
  • SOV (Share of Voice)
  • DEC (Daily Effective Circulation) per medium

3. Strategic Media Planning

In this phase, Armani propose the best strategy and also an alternative one to its clients based on previous steps. In fact, by considering our clients’ media objectives, we suggest the effective media mix, right advertising timing platform, appropriate locations, in proper cities to reach an optimum budget with the maximum efficiency.

4. Media Solution

Media buying is a complicated process almost for all companies, but Armani makes it as a simple task for you. The American Association of Advertising Agencies lists no fewer than 21 elements of a media buy for traditional media. The most important one, however, is matching the media vehicle to the strategic needs of the message and the brand. In addition to media selection, however, media negotiation makes the media plan come to life in a cost-effective way. In this step, Armani answers the following questions:

  • Which media mix will have the maximum reach?
  • Which media mix will have the minimum CPT?
  • Which media mix will have the maximum GRP?
  • Which media mix will reach a client to its target audiences according to their daily activities? Their social class? Their age and gender?
  • Which media mix is suitable for a client artwork?

In this step, Armani’s traffic tracking process will help us to find out the high traffic and strategic locations with the best EOI (Eyes on Impression) in order to give our clients precise information about media solutions we are going to suggest in Iran.

Tehran Traffic Heat-map

Tehran Traffic Heat-map

Tehran Traffic Heat-map

Sample media offer Pin-Map

Sample media offer Pin-Map

Sample media offer Pin-Map with Traffic-Map

Sample media offer Pin-Map with Traffic-Map

Sample Media offer with media metrics

Sample Media offer with media metrics

Location: East to West, North Western side of the Valiasr bridge, Tehran, Iran.

Location: East to West, North Western side of the Valiasr bridge, Tehran, Iran.

In this step, we finally give you the right media mix (combination of Billboards, Bridgeboards, Strawboards, Light boxes, Metro, Bus, or Shopping malls) to reach your communication objectives. Our capability in providing and offering the best media mix to be fitted into your IMC plan have differentiated us from other agencies in Iran.

5. Scheduling And Budgeting

In this step, Armani will determine that which media mix you need to communicate with your target audiences. And once you get there, Armani decides when and how often that message needs to be shown. As we know our clients have a limited budget, it is important to offer the media schedule that be most effective.

An important part of timing advertising is scheduling it so that it appears at the most propitious selling times. A major objective of scheduling is to control when advertising appears by plotting advertising timing on a yearly flowchart. There are three major methods of scheduling advertising, each with a somewhat different pattern: continuity, flighting, and pulsing.

Scheduling and Budgeting


As its name suggests, the continuity pattern (sometimes called straight-through advertising) is continuous, sometimes with short gaps at regular intervals when no advertising is done. Continuity is necessary when an advertiser has a message that it does not want consumers to forget. Continuous advertising works as a reminder, keeping the message always before the consumer.


The second method, flighting (sometimes called bursting) , employs a less regular schedule, with intermittent periods of advertising and non-advertising. At some time periods there are heavier promotional expenditures, and at others there may be no advertising


Is actually a combination of the first two methods. In a pulsing strategy, continuity is maintained, but at certain times promotional efforts are stepped up.

Rotatory Strategy

To Reach more people and refresh your audience by periodically moving your advertisement. With our Rotatory Strategy, we move your advertisement from one Billboard or Bridgeboard location to another at stated intervals (usually every 45 to 60 days) within a particular market. By this means, you can be seen by more people during your campaign in different locations after you reach into your effective frequency at your previous locations.


In other words, A Rotary Strategy will give you a geographic and demographic advantage: you’ll cover more routs and reach more people.   The scheduling strategy depends on the objectives, buying cycles, and budget, among other factors.

Here is the sample of our media schedule suggested following a client time-line and budget per media.


Additionally, Armani determines suggested plan media metrics in each medium in Tehran in order to give you a right solution.

6. Printing and Execution

Execution of creative artworks with high printing qualities is our commitment as a well-known media agency in Iran.  Here, you can see our printing unit and the quality of our works. We promise you the quality.

in addition, we are ready to execute your creative artworks. Besides, we can offer you creative artworks too.

7. Monitoring

Tehran Monitoring

Tehran Monitoring

In order to achieve a detailed, accurate & easy-to-use monitoring system for Tehran’s OOH media, “Wistham-Armani” as an efficient and ideal system has been designed and developed; to manage time as well as energy & human power.

Wistham-Armani”, which is developed as web app, mobile Android, and IOS app, enables users to watch and monitor the condition and health status of billboards and other OOH media

Web&Mobile Monitoring

(Mobile IOS App , Web App , Mobile Android App)

Through this (after verifying the offer by the customer), a username and password would be generated, so the individual can access its desired billboards condition both in form of text and pictures, as you can see below.

Sample Monitoring Report

Sample Monitoring Report

Provinces Monitoring

Provinces Monitoring

In major cities, monitoring system follows the traditional method:

Every single day of the week will include 3 photos (alongside with a picture of that same day newspaper with its date visible):

  • 2 daytime photos
  • 1 nighttime photo

Traditional billboard Monitoring Sample

Traditional billboard Monitoring Sample